Emotional Impact

“CCLG parent survey reveals the emotional impact of childhood cancer.” https://www.cclg.org.uk/news/cclg-parent-survey-reveals-the-emotional-impact-of-childhood-cancer I read an article by The Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group; it highlights many of the daily feelings that most parents & carers experience after a child is diagnosed with cancer. We have been unbelievably blessed to have had fantastic support around us since … Continue reading Emotional Impact

The Reality Of Childhood Cancer Is Nothing Like You Think It Is

This article was written by another oncology parent (Louise Lear-Jones) for the Huffington Post in an attempt to expose some of the harsh realities faced in the world of childhood cancer. It is a difficult read but highlights many of the sad real life facts that children with cancer & their parents have to face. … Continue reading The Reality Of Childhood Cancer Is Nothing Like You Think It Is

Days Like These

So some of you might already know that on Friday 20th April my beautiful little sister Abi got married to the rather wonderful Jamie McGowan. From the very beginning of their relationship which started fifteen years ago whilst they were both at university these two glorious people have carved their way through the world as … Continue reading Days Like These

The Network

There is a vast network of cells within Dylan that basically started behaving abnormally & growing in an uncontrollable way. This network has created havoc within his body & consequently our lives. One of the many dictionary definitions of the word network is “a group or system of interconnected people or things”. Networks can be … Continue reading The Network