A Follow Up Interview

A couple of weeks ago a reporter from WalesOnline contacted me, they wanted to know how Dylan was doing & asked if they could do a follow up piece on the article that we did for the Mirror in the summer about Dylan’s cancer diagnosis…that article was subsequently published & printed in many hard copy papers as well as online at home & abroad.

The reason they contacted me again was because the piece raised a lot of interest & that in turn raises awareness.

We agreed to do a follow up interview because we are determined to continue to raise awareness & to honestly discuss the challenges we all face within the realms of childhood cancer. It also shows how fa he’s come.

Again, we were met with the utmost respect & patience & again we are proud to be able to shine a light on the reality that is our day to day; the more people who are able to understand & get even the tiniest glimpse into this world, the more we are doing to educate people about the ongoing plight that is childhood cancer.


4 thoughts on “A Follow Up Interview

  1. This is great Siobhan for all the reasons you describe. None of the words or pictures are a surprise to me having followed your blog for so long and yet that picture titled “Dylan in hospital” still kicks me in the gut. I thought of Dylan often the last week when the boys have been ill and of how thankful I am when they start to pick up. I can imagine the strain of not knowing what’s round the corner but Dylan definitely shows a real resillience and strength at the moment. And that glossy hair, wow :0)

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