The Reality

It’s not often that I’m lost for words but sometimes there are situations that just render you speechless.

This is Lilwen, Dylan’s beautiful classmate. She was diagnosed with Ependymoma (a rare type of brain tumour) when she was 3 years old. She relapsed in January 2018 & underwent her second brain surgery & then chemotherapy. She really struggled with all the treatment but started to mend & went back to school. In December 2019 her family received the devastating news that Lilwen has relapsed yet again.

The tumour is back.

She is 8 years old & now has to face gruelling brain surgery for the third time followed by proton beam therapy. Proton is a much “gentler” treatment for Lil, the radiotherapy she has been offered would severely compromise Lil’s quality of life so the only viable option to give her a fighting chance for a more hopeful future is proton therapy.

Unfortunately, because she received proton beam therapy in the USA at the age of 3, the NHS will not fund it for a second time & so her family have no option other than to try to raise £50,000 themselves.

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this; I don’t think Amanda & Aled (Lil’s parents) can believe this is what they’re facing for a third time & I know none of us can believe that there are two children in the same class with cancer.

I suspect most can’t imagine having to raise funds to try to keep their child alive but I also know some of you can…this is now their reality.

Amanda & Aled have set up JustGiving page & I’ve put the link here:

Please share it 🙏🏾.

Tomorrow, Lilwen has to face brain surgery yet again. If all goes well, her wound will be given time to heal & she will then go on to receive the proton beam that she so urgently needs.

I know Christmas has just been but I also know that any amount you may have to spare will be so humbly appreciated.

#ependymoma #relapse #childhoodcancer #justgiving #protontherapy #brainsurgery #childhoodcancerawareness

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