Cancer, connection, catharsis.

A conversation with Syreeta Challinger for the podcast “Leaven”.

When Syreeta approached me to ask if I’d consider talking to her about hope whilst living through grief & trauma I leapt at the chance.

I feel like I know Syreeta & yet we’ve never actually met in person. Despite our stories being very different we share so many of the same emotions & thought processes which have been brought to the fore of our existence due to deep & life changing traumatic experiences.

The links to our chat are below – available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. I hope you can find a quiet hour to have a listen & also to subscribe to hear more stories of hope through some of the most challenging life experiences.

Here are a few words from Syreeta about what her new podcast series “Leaven” represents:

Welcome to Leaven. Conversations on hope, love, life and everything in-between. A space to ‘permeate or transform something for the better’. It’s a series of conversations with people who have been through something formative and navigated a mad old path, yet done so with courage, holding on to hope. Through these conversations, on life, love, loss, adventure, I wish for listeners to have a space of support and inspiration, that no matter what you’re going through, there is a way through. By the end of an episode, to be left feeling a little better. As sharing our story has been cathartic, which originally started and we continue to do via our Instagram, Moments Of Sense & Style or MOSS for short. By sharing our hearts, our positive outlook, we help others. We connect to people. Bring people together. It’s honest, it’s raw, it’s real. It all stemmed from when I couldn’t find anyone that offered me hope or who had been through similar when I was in my darkest hour. There are many layers to our story but ultimately, break it down, we all bleed red and suffer loss and heartaches. Same same, just different ways of getting through, ways of living, ways of being; a human being. I recognised folk come to our platform for our story and my voice, seeking words of wisdom and insight. We know the hard way, life, being a human, is not linear. Sometimes joyful, sometimes messy. Other times dark and bloody painful. Yet we believe it’s all beautiful and worthy of being talked about. The good in the bad, the bad in the good. And we wish to share different voices and experiences. This is how Leaven came to be Each episode is an insightful and moving conversation, with something to take away from each one. Hearing how someone else has made it through, whether it be trauma, grief, loss, massive change, divorce or cancer, may lift and help others through too.

Syreeta Challinger

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