A Second Chance

A while ago I was asked by Macmillan Cancer Support if I’d be interested in doing an interview about Dylan’s illness to run in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

After a bit of thought I realised it was a no-brainer. The opportunity to praise the institution who have thus far saved my son’s life whilst also raising awareness of childhood cancer was hugely important to me.

The piece was written by a very kind & empathetic journalist & I’m so pleased that I was given the chance to speak publicly about my gratitude to those who have been treating & continue to treat Dylan along such a precarious & life altering path; they have basically gifted him with a second chance at life.

Many of you will have already read the article which was published online as front page news for The Mirror, The Daily Mail, Wales Online, The Sun & was also printed on the front page of the Western Mail newspaper.

I am determined to continue to try to raise awareness about childhood cancer & its impact by being as open & honest about it as possible.

I have put links below to the articles if you fancy having a read; it highlights just how rare Dylan’s cancer is. It’s a factual & powerful piece & I strongly believe that we need the NHS; we are so fortunate to have free healthcare.

When I first started writing this blog it it was really to get my inner turmoil out; writing helps me so much mentally. As time’s gone on I’ve been made aware that it’s helping people not in my situation understand but it’s also helping those who are in my situation find something tangible to relate to.

When Dylan was first diagnosed I knew very little about this subject. Childhood cancer does not get much exposure; not so long ago it wasn’t recognised as an illness that children even get.

Since the article has gone to press the outpouring of love & moreover gratitude from parents going through similar circumstances has been wonderful. When I agreed to do it one of the main reasons was wishing that I had something or someone to identify with when Dylan was diagnosed…if I have made a difference or a connection with one family then that can only be a good thing; we all need to start somewhere.

Where does my gratitude end; where would yours end? 

The painful truth is that none of us know what Dylan’s future holds…

We all have our own NHS stories; some good & some bad. This is how I see it & I know that not everyone will have the same views but then not everyone has a child fighting for their life.





One thought on “A Second Chance

  1. I somehow missed that you’d been interviewed and your story included in the paper. I also hadn’t quite grasped until I saw it in black and white just how rare Dylan’s diagnosis is and how startling it must have been when you first heard about the severity of his swelling. He is such a remarkable little boy and you are an amazing family to do all that you do to share your experience. I’ve no doubt you’ll save someone’s life by doing so. Much love to you all

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