Anything is Possible

“Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve”.
J K Rowling.

Ruari is 18 months old in this photo & I remember exactly where we were; now he’s 19 & I can’t believe where the time has gone.
The other night he told me that he’s finally taken the leap & booked his flight to New Zealand. I’ve not really mentioned it before because I didn’t know for sure if he would still want to go…especially after the recent news about his dad’s cancer diagnosis.
About a year ago Ruari was introduced to the possibility of going to New Zealand for a year to play rugby…some of you might know by now that this is the thing of dreams for my boy.
I think this opportunity has given Ruari something to focus on, no matter how hard things have been for him lately this has been the tiny light on the horizon & he’s kept his focus through some really tough shit since Dylan’s diagnosis.

Yesterday I drove 4 hours down to Kent to see him; I haven’t seen him since his birthday in the middle of September when I left him at the hospital where his father was in the throes of being diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

We have all been encouraging Ruari to go to NZ…he’s the kind of person who will worry about leaving his dad & Dylan but we’ve told him that this is his time…he needs to go & live his best life; that’s what his dad wants for him & so do I (although I can’t even talk about what a mess I’ll be when he goes…in January).

I just needed to do something for Ruari; I wanted to show him that people are rooting for him & so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page (link below). He’s got a job & he’s saving desperately to have some funds in the bank for when he gets over there. Lots of wonderful people keep asking me what they can do to help Ruari & this is by far the most useful thing for him that I can think of.
So, if you’ve got a spare quid I know one extremely wonderfully deserving, patient, kind & lovable kid who will be swimming in utter gratitude.
He’s got nerves of steel & I completely adore him for it.

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